[Rt-devel] RT 3.6.0rc3

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sun May 28 20:37:32 EDT 2006

I'm pleased to announce the release of RT 3.6.0rc3. We've gone back and
redone the ticket link ACL checks so that everyone can both have and eat
their cake. We've also done a fair bit of bufixing and fleshing out of
the commandline.  Feedback is much appreciated.


RT 3.6.0rc3

Commandline changes:

  * vsplit Requestor, Cc and AdminCc field on create
  * Added an untake action
  * Added take/steal actions in CLI
  * Added custom summary "ticket lists" using the commandline (combining -f and -s) lists.
  * Fixed a number of small bugs
  * Stopped using a deprecated API
  * Small fixes to ticket history display

  * Actually do a credible job of showing html-only email messages in ticket history by downsampling them to plain text.
  * Quieting down some redefinition warnings

Ticket linking:
  * Return results of the Delete method as it may fail too
    * New option StrictLinkACL
    # When this feature is enabled an user need ModifyTicket right on both
    # tickets to link them together, otherwise he can have right on any of
    # two.
  * Updated Create, _?AddLink, DeleteLink methods
  * fix: we no longer create a  transaction if some tries to create link that already exists
  * move all acl checks out from _AddLink to AddLink method
  * cover with every change with tests
   * Cleaned up a couple of warnings for redeclared variables
  * Order attributes as we depend on ordering in tests

  * the 3.5 upgrade scripts trump the quebec scripts. we've removed them

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