[Rt-devel] REST: should retrieving a particular attachment require a ticket number?

Philip Kime pkime at Shopzilla.com
Mon Sep 4 19:53:14 EDT 2006

> That would stop me from being able to download binary attachments.

Don't think so:

rt show attachment/6/content > file.doc

This is how I have it working at the moment.

> I'd like to humbly request that you submit that as a separate patch,
as I'm not
> comfortable adding history-modifiying tools like that to RT.

Me neither. It's just I wanted to be able to attach things to tickets
without having to do it via the "comment" command as this sends mail.
Altering attachments is too dangerous, I agree. Changing the attachment
or adding them should be logged in the history as usual. Maybe an
"attach" command for tickets is the way to go - like comment but without
actually commenting?

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