[Rt-devel] PATCH: Another callback for /Ticket/Display.html

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Fri Sep 8 12:53:59 EDT 2006

On Jul 31, 2006, at 5:32 PM, Drew Taylor wrote:

> I came across another scenario where I needed a new callback:
> /Ticket/Display.html before the redirect (approx line 154).
> Scenario: When resolving a ticket via /Ticket/Update.html, I want to
> conditionally require entering a value for a custom field (eg:  
> resolving
> a ticket to add a new user and specifying their new email address).  
> So I
> have a callback (BeforeMessageBox) that adds appropriate fields for  
> the
> CFs I want filled in. This works great. However, by default
> /Ticket/Display.html does not update Custom Fields - just Basics and
> Links. So I'm using a new Callback (BeforeActions) to give me a chance
> to save these CF's.

Instead, how about a patch to just handle the CFs there, like we do  
in other places that process ticket updates?

> Here's another feature request: give me a standard way to see if a  
> form
> has been submitted. In other projects I've used a hidden field
> "_form_submitted" which served this purpose. Something similar  
> would be
> useful in a lot of places IMHO.

That sort of massive overhaul, well, at that point we may as well be  
implementing RT on top of a new framework like Jifty ;) which would  
get you something much like what you want ;)


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