[Rt-devel] Using CVS to manage RT customizations

Matthew Pressly mpressly-rt at claborn.net
Fri Sep 15 16:16:37 EDT 2006

I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to get RT
under revision control locally so that I can make local
customizations to it for a specific application and
easily push those changes into production on a separate
server.  For the most part, the changes would be application
specific.  I would like to use CVS, since that is what I've
used the most in the past, but am open other revision control
packages, if they would be more suitable for this.

My main question is: Is it better to install RT somewhere
and import the whole installed tree into CVS (e.g., all
of /usr/local/rt3.6.1), or is it better to import the original
sources (the result of tar -tvf rt-download.tar.gz) into


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