[Rt-devel] Using CVS to manage RT customizations

Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Fri Sep 15 18:29:53 EDT 2006

We use SVN/SVK and manage 6 projects that are combined into our RT 

RT + RTFM + RTx::RightsMatrix + RTx::Shredder
//rt/bp -- the rt/bin, rt/sbin, rt/etc/, rt/lib, rt/share directories

Local customizations:
//rt/cac/lib -- the rt/local/lib directory
//rt/cac/html -- the rt/local/html directory

We divided RT_SiteConfig into 3 separate files (in three subdirectories)
//rt/conf/base -- rt/etc/base/ most of the SiteConfig file
//rt/conf/db   -- rt/etc/db/   the db connection settings
//rt/conf/status -- rt/etc/status/ DevelMode and $rtname

I then have a web application (SCManage) that can compose a unified 
directory tree out of branches of the above projects and then push out 
to our web servers (dev/eval/prod).

Joby Walker
C&C SSG, University of Washington

Matthew Pressly wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to get RT
> under revision control locally so that I can make local
> customizations to it for a specific application and
> easily push those changes into production on a separate
> server.  For the most part, the changes would be application
> specific.  I would like to use CVS, since that is what I've
> used the most in the past, but am open other revision control
> packages, if they would be more suitable for this.
> My main question is: Is it better to install RT somewhere
> and import the whole installed tree into CVS (e.g., all
> of /usr/local/rt3.6.1), or is it better to import the original
> sources (the result of tar -tvf rt-download.tar.gz) into
> CVS?
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> Matthew
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