[Rt-devel] WebURL not displaying correctly on Searches and Newly Created Tickets

Chester Manuel chesman at soe.ucsc.edu
Wed Dec 19 13:44:34 EST 2007


 I upgraded from RT2 to RT3 and used the package 
RT-Extension-RT2toRT3-1.26 to migrate my RT2 database to RT3. It seems 
to have migrated the data correctly. However when I search for a ticket 
using the Ticket link and get the results, the link to the ticket number 
does not diplay the correct URL. It returns 
http://ticket/Display.html?id=1500. It is missing the domain name and 
has "ticket" instead of the correct URL as 

 The tickets which show up on the front page after logging on has the 
correct URL even if its the same ticket number.

 Is there a configuration I have to change? Is this in the code or in 
the database?

I installed it with the following options.

./configure --with-web-user=nobody --with-web-group=nobody 
--with-fastcgi --with-mysql --prefix=/usr/local/rt3

Here is my virtual host configuration for Apache 2 httpd.conf
<VirtualHost 128.114.X.Y:80>

    ServerName servername.domainname.domain
    DocumentRoot /usr/local/rt3/share/html/
    AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

    PerlModule Apache::DBI
    PerlRequire /usr/local/rt3/bin/webmux.pl

    Alias /NoAuth/images "/usr/local/rt3/share/html/NoAuth/images"
    ScriptAlias / /usr/local/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi/

    <Location />
        Options None
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlHandler RT::Mason
        <IfDefine PerlDProf>
          <IfDefine PerlSmallProf>
            PerlFixupHandler Apache::SmallProf

    <Location /NoAuth/images>
      SetHandler default-handler




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