[Rt-devel] Scrip access to "Ticket Transaction" Custom Fields?

Matthew Keller kellermg at potsdam.edu
Sat Jan 6 14:24:59 EST 2007

After writing a really cool system that allows our RT users to select
from a list of "external source" they want their ticket/reply/comment
posted to (we have a number of "status page" sites), and working up the
code to make that work... And spending a few hours with a Scrip that
should be working fine, I finally noticed in the wiki that "Note: as of
3.6.1, per-transaction custom field values are not available to Scrips".

Is adding/fixing this on the radar? I have a temporary fix with an
external process that keeps an eye on the ObjectCustomValues and does
the right thing when there are new, relevant entries (grabs the
appropriate attachment and posts them accordingly), but I'd much rather
use a Scrip.

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