[Rt-devel] autohandler patch

David Chandek-Stark david.chandek.stark at duke.edu
Mon Jan 8 15:13:06 EST 2007

The autohandler should *redirect* unprivileged users from 
Ticket/Display.html to the Self-Service interface. Current code displays 
SS page under non-SS URL, which causes the "Reply" links to go to 
Ticket/Update.html, which in turn displays the SS home page.


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Compare: (<)C:\Download\RT\rt-3.6.3\html\autohandler (11923 bytes)
   with: (>)C:\Temp\autohandler.txt (11869 bytes)

<             $m->comp( "/SelfService/Display.html", %ARGS );
<             $m->comp( "/Elements/Footer",          %ARGS );
<             $m->abort();
>             RT::Interface::Web::Redirect($RT::WebURL."SelfService/Display.html?id=".$ARGS{'id'});
<             $m->comp('/SelfService/index.html');
<             $m->abort();
>             RT::Interface::Web::Redirect($RT::WebURL."SelfService/");

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