[Rt-devel] Today's other mysterious RT bug

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Mon Jan 22 20:07:59 EST 2007

Today I ran into 2 weird RT bugs.

The first was my earlier post about a race condition in SetOwner.

The second was more painful. RT was been deployed for almost 2 weeks
in our company. 4,400 ticket in 10 days.

Today we had a sporadic problem where a person would click on
"Reply" in a ticket, and the "This message will be sent to..."
area of the ticket would not list any recipients. If you
reloaded the page sometimes the recipients would be correctly
displayed and sometimes not.

Many "Correspond" transactions happened today where no mail
was actually sent when it should have been. I wrote a script
to find them all and called $TicketObj->Correspond with
the appropriate content and all the mail went out correctly.
(This was after I restarted RT.)

Any insight on this bug or reports of it happening to other
people would be greatly appreciated.


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