[Rt-devel] [PATCH]: Flag to choose how to display user's names in GUI

Philip Kime pkime at Shopzilla.com
Thu Jan 25 00:03:48 EST 2007

I have patches againt 3.6.3 so that with a config variable
$RT::ExtendedNames = UserName|RealName|Full
you can decide how you want user's names displayed in things like Owner
drop-downs, Reminders, Dates section and Transaction headers. If you are
in a company which has cryptic usernames (from LDAP perhaps), then
currently the username display using "->Name" everywhere means that it's
not easy to see who did what (for example if your LDAP usernames are
employee IDs or whatever). You can choose to leave it as it is (the
default), display only the RealName or "Name (RealName)". I did this by
putting a new method "ExtendedName" in Record.pm and calling this
instead of "Name" in places where names are displayed. It doesn't break
anything as the default setting of the variable in RT_Config.pm is just
to fall through to calling ->Name as before.
Two questions:
Useful patch?
Is Record.pm the best place for the method? Couldn't see where else to
put it without RT complaining it couldn't find the method in various
Philip Kime
NOPS Systems Architect
310 401 0407
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