[Rt-devel] RT and Attachments

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Wed Jun 13 10:41:09 EDT 2007

Jeff Stark wrote:
> Sorry Ruslan.
> RT: 3.6.3
> Perl: v5.8.5 under linux RHEL 4
> Apache: 2.0.52
> FCGI: v0.67;
> DB:  10g Enterprise Edition Release 
> Steps are quite simple at this point....someone accesses a ticket with
> an attachment, after churning for several minutes, the receive a 500
> error, the entire system is pretty much hosed at this point.  I connect
> to the box, stop httpd, clear mason obj cache, restart httpd and system
> is fine, until someone accesses a ticket with a large attachment again.
The 500 error is due to a timeout on your FCGI process (probably) and I 
know that when we used FastCGI I set it to a higher value. I think the 
default is 180sec and we changed it to atleast 300 but maybe even 600 
because of searching in the content of email message took sometime.

> Our Oracle DBA has also identified that the joins created are not
> allowing Oracle to utilize indexes which is causing 13 to 15 seconds (on
> average) for each page load.  After changing custom fields from
> attachment to text box, the system response time increased slightly to 7
> to 9 seconds (on average) for each page load.  Is there something I can
> do to boost the performance of RT on Oracle so that it can utilize
> indexes to speed up queries?  
Please post query and explain plan.

Yes I have a patch specifically for searching content using OracleText 
but not seeing your problem queries I can't say if you'll benefit from 
those patches.


My config is:
VirtualMachine:Ubuntu-5.10 Svr, rt-3.6.3, apache2, mod_perl2, 
perl-5.8.7, Oracle XE
Performance is OK, frontpage loading time is: ~2-3sec with 7 portlets.
(30 newest, 30 I own, quick ticket creation, Calendar, Reminders, Quick 
Search (35 rows,3 columns), Don't refresh this page)

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