[Rt-devel] RT and Attachments

Ruslan Zakirov ruz at bestpractical.com
Wed Jun 13 13:24:49 EDT 2007

On 6/13/07, Joop <JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl> wrote:
> Jeff Stark wrote:
> > Sorry Ruslan.
> >
> > RT: 3.6.3
> > Perl: v5.8.5 under linux RHEL 4
> > Apache: 2.0.52
> > FCGI: v0.67;
> > DB:  10g Enterprise Edition Release
> >
> > Steps are quite simple at this point....someone accesses a ticket with
> > an attachment, after churning for several minutes, the receive a 500
> > error, the entire system is pretty much hosed at this point.  I connect
> > to the box, stop httpd, clear mason obj cache, restart httpd and system
> > is fine, until someone accesses a ticket with a large attachment again.
> The 500 error is due to a timeout on your FCGI process (probably) and I
> know that when we used FastCGI I set it to a higher value. I think the
> default is 180sec and we changed it to atleast 300 but maybe even 600
> because of searching in the content of email message took sometime.
As I understand Jeff access to a ticket, not searching for tickets,
but it's not absolutely clear from description. Also, Jeff, can you
block access to RT to all users and try to reproduce the problem in
"single user mode"? As really it could be not big attachments, but a
search by content of attachments which terribly slow down system so
other requests to RT timeout.

We fixed an issue with searches by content of attachments in 3.6.4rc2.
Can you try it? Things should be better, still not ideal, but better.

> > Our Oracle DBA has also identified that the joins created are not
> > allowing Oracle to utilize indexes which is causing 13 to 15 seconds (on
> > average) for each page load.  After changing custom fields from
> > attachment to text box, the system response time increased slightly to 7
> > to 9 seconds (on average) for each page load.  Is there something I can
> > do to boost the performance of RT on Oracle so that it can utilize
> > indexes to speed up queries?
> Please post query and explain plan.
> Yes I have a patch specifically for searching content using OracleText
> but not seeing your problem queries I can't say if you'll benefit from
> those patches.
> Joop
> PS:
> My config is:
> VirtualMachine:Ubuntu-5.10 Svr, rt-3.6.3, apache2, mod_perl2,
> perl-5.8.7, Oracle XE
> Performance is OK, frontpage loading time is: ~2-3sec with 7 portlets.
> (30 newest, 30 I own, quick ticket creation, Calendar, Reminders, Quick
> Search (35 rows,3 columns), Don't refresh this page)
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Best regards, Ruslan.

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