SV: SV: [Rt-devel] New language file for RT

Jesse Vincent jesse at
Sun Mar 18 21:58:30 EDT 2007

Thanks! I've dropped the danish translation in front of a friend. But  
we'll get these applied soon.

On Mar 16, 2007, at 8:40 AM, Brian Kjelin Olsen wrote:

> Hi Jesse
> Here is our contribution to a Danish translation of RT. It is a major
> change we have made, so maybe you want someone else to look it trough.
> In the process we made some minor changes to the Swedish  
> translation as
> well.
> I did have trouble using poEdit, so the character code is currently
> iso-8859-1 for both files. You said earlier that you easily could  
> change
> this.
> Both files are in the attached tar ball.
> Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
> Brian Kjelin Olsen
> Schilling A/S
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> Fra: Jesse Vincent [mailto:jesse at]
> Sendt: 19. februar 2007 16:34
> Til: Brian Kjelin Olsen
> Cc: Jesse Vincent; rt-devel at
> Emne: Re: SV: [Rt-devel] New language file for RT
> On Mon, Feb 19, 2007 at 10:08:16AM +0100, Brian Kjelin Olsen wrote:
>> I will :-)
>> We will try to keep the Danish po file in utf-8 as well.
>> We had some problems with poEdit were the error message mentioned
> utf-8,
>> but I'm not sure that the problem was actual related to the charset.
> If you need to convert to Latin 1 for editing, just give me a heads  
> up.
> I've got tools to convert encodings easily on my end.
>> Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
>> Brian Kjelin Olsen
>> Schilling A/S
>> <da-sv.tar.gz>

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