[Rt-devel] Reply to a ticket only if you own it.

Jonathan Scher js at oxado.com
Mon Mar 19 12:37:46 EDT 2007


In order to avoid two agents to answer concurrently to a customer, I 
would like to show the 'Reply' button - on rt/Ticket/Display.html page 
-  only if the agent already own it. A way to do it is to change a line 
on share/html/Ticket/Elements/Tabs :
< if ( ($Ticket->OwnerObj->id == $session{CurrentUser}->id) and 
($can{'ModifyTicket'} or $Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight('ReplyToTicket') )) {
 > if ( $can{'ModifyTicket'} or 
$Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight('ReplyToTicket') ) {

Is there any way to do it with callbacks? To add a new ACL like "take 
someone's ticket"?

Jonathan Scher

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