[Rt-devel] LargeAttachments ...

Robert G. Werner rwerner at usscript.com
Wed Mar 21 20:28:24 EDT 2007

Does anyone have any way to make RT fail noisily when someone attaches 
a file that is too large to a ticket?

I'm running RT 3.6.3 with MySQL as the back end.  I've set my 
max_packet size to be 2MB (a reasonable size IMO).  I also set 
MaxAttachmentSize to be 2097152

I would like my users (whether they are using the web interface or 
email) to get notified that their attachment will not be part of the 
ticket they are creating.

If I need to create an overlay to trap this condition,  Any 
suggestions as to where to start?  I took a look at 
Attachmet_Overlay.pm but I don't see any easy way to get an error back 
  out to the user.
Robert G. Werner (Network Systems Administrator)
rwerner at usscript.com


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