[Rt-devel] RT user added to incoming ticket (email) in error

Ruslan Zakirov ruslan.zakirov at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:56:14 EDT 2007

May be you have custom scrip that add another requestor?

On 3/20/07, Warren Macey <warren.macey at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a strange thing happening in RT 36.  When an email ticket is created
> it is adding the requestor from the "From" line of the email but it is also
> adding me (an RT user) as a requestor when I had absolutley nothing to do
> with the ticket.
> Looking at the email headers it was sent to support at company.com from an
> existing RT user neil at company.com and it added Neil and Warren as
> requestors.
> This did NOT happen yesterday when there was a submission from the same
> user.
> I have no idea even where to start looking, any ideas?
> Regards, Warren
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Best regards, Ruslan.

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