[Rt-devel] Adding features to RT

Neil S Hamilton neil at pinkdylan.co.uk
Tue May 22 04:09:00 EDT 2007

Hi there,

I'm not completely sure that this is the correct list for this question,
so if not, could somebody tell me if there's a more appropriate one?

I have been asked by a client to write some custom reporting for their
RT installation (they're running RT 3.6.1). I have used RT briefly in
the past, and I am an experienced Perl programmer, but what's confusing
me is how the RT codebase interacts with mod-perl and mason. I seem to
find that any modifications I try to make (within share/html/) don't go
live until I delete the relevant files from the relevant subdirectory of
var/mason_data/obj. Even then, the changes don't always go live, and
sometimes once they are live they revert back.

Can anyone shed any light on what procedure I ought to take, or even
point me to some relevant developer's documentation?

Thanks in advance,


Neil S Hamilton
Technical Manager, PinkDylan

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