[Rt-devel] RTx::EmailCompletion with LDAP : testers needed

Nicolas Chuche nicolas.chuche at barna.be
Mon Nov 12 17:49:19 EST 2007

>         $ldap->bind($RT::EmailCompletionLdapUser,
> password=>$RT::EmailCompletionLdapPass)

Oups, should have read your patch more carefully !

rc3 available here : http://gaspard.mine.nu/rtx/

> I'm also not seeing the grey backgrounds, but haven't had time to look
> at whether that's a problem with the plugin, or somehow something in our
> local setup.  I'll hopefully have time to work with it some more
> tomorrow.

I must admit, I'm not really the css kind of guy, I'm more sysadmin.
It works for me but perhaps by mistake :).

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