[Rt-devel] Creating Tickets Programmatically

dams dams at gentoo.org
Mon Sep 24 06:44:28 EDT 2007

On Sun, 23 Sep 2007 14:21:13 -0700
"Douglas von Roeder" <dvonroeder at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello All


> I'm working on a project for a client who's using RT.
> I'm trying to create Tickets in RT programactically and stumped about
> how to add a "Notes" field.
> I'm able to log in to the MySQL database, insert a Ticket row and
> assign data to the columns. The problem that I'm facing is that I
> have a few dozen lines of text that I want to "attach" to a note that
> provides detailed information for the ticket.
> My client has told me to put it the Attachment table which looks good
> since it's related to the Transaction via TransactionID. However
> there's no TicketID in Transaction.
> Do I populate Transaction'ObjectId with the ID of the Ticker to
> relate a Transaction back to a Ticket?

Naive remark : why not use the REST interface ? there is a ready to use
module in CPAN. I've been able to use it to do a lot of stuff. While
it's not easy to work with custom fields, adding an attachement and
doing basic changes on an RT is really easy.


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