[Rt-devel] Spurious UPDATE commands

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Thu Sep 27 06:57:15 EDT 2007

Hello All,

While testing some performance tests I came across a few deadlocks. Our 
systems are Oracle XE with rt-3.6.4 and I noticed that there are a few 
commands like these:
UPDATE attachments
    SET headers = :p1
  WHERE ID = :p2
I can't find where they are generated and I'm wondering why they are 
there because why update the headers of an attachment when displaying a 
ticket or the history because that is when they are generated. The 
deadlock occurs because the next request is going to another apache 
proces+connection to the database where it will also try to update the 
same record --> deadlock.
There are 3 more update commands in our production:
UPDATE cachedgroupmembers
    SET via = :p1
  WHERE ID = :p2
UPDATE principals
    SET objectid = :p1
  WHERE ID = :p2
UPDATE tickets
    SET lastupdated = :p1
  WHERE ID = :p2

They all can be explained as needed by the system, mainly housekeeping.



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