[Rt-devel] Custom Fields - Populating using data passed to remote perl-SOAP-Lite interface

dkalfon at voxcorp.net dkalfon at voxcorp.net
Tue Aug 5 22:07:53 EDT 2008

I am using RT 3.8.

I would like to add a custom field (type: Fill in one text area) that
requires an account number to be entered in and then have that value get
passed to an existing perl-SOAP-Lite interface that exists on a remote

I would then like to take the values returned from that server and use
them to auto-populate the other custom fields (textboxes) on the same
ticket page (Customer_Name, Customer_Type, etc).

I have been playing around with custom fields and have even gotten them to
populate dynamically using data contained withing RT itself (users,
groups, etc) but now I need to reach out and touch remote data and
integrate it into RT tickets!

I am a recent refugee from the Microsoft .net world and I am making the
transition to opensource and specifically in this case: Rt and perl so
please be easy on me!

Any help is much appreciated.


Daniel A. Kalfon

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