[Rt-devel] Custom Fields - Populating using data passed to remote perl-SOAP-Lite interface

Alejandro Imass aimass at cc.com.ve
Wed Aug 6 09:44:18 EDT 2008

It's almost as if you have read our minds!

Right now we are sketching out a standard AJAX interface to populate
custom fields. The main ideas we have:

-Custom fields are declared plain text input in RT.
-Custom fields with special names are trapped in
Ticket/Elements/EditCustomFields are put come in a JSON serialed form in
a hidden field.
-A JS reads the JSON definition and rules and draws the custom fields
section in a specified <div>
-The JS will be able to access web-services on the server that can
dynamically populate value lists or show/hide fields depending on some
rules that come from the server.

Upon save it's all just standard RT, since they are actual CustomFields.

Now, IMHO this should be designed very atomically so any part can be
re-used in the standard RT product and compatible mostly compatible with
the current main versions 3.6 and 3.8. And BTW we are using 3.6 and
don't plan to migrate until 2009.

I would like to know if a) this sounds like what you're
[dkalfon at voxcorp.net] looking for and b) what are the plans of the
original author regarding dynamic front-end and WS technologies. IMHO
SOAP is overkill and dreadfully complex so a RESTful approach would be
better. Perhaps the RT team has already envisioned a standard WS API?
Please advise, or give us the liberty to propose one?

My general take on this is REST, JSON, Prototype but I "hear" that
JQuery is a better option (I've used Prototype extensively and never
needed anything more, but always open to other).

El mar, 05-08-2008 a las 22:07 -0400, dkalfon at voxcorp.net escribió:
> I am using RT 3.8.
> I would like to add a custom field (type: Fill in one text area) that
> requires an account number to be entered in and then have that value get
> passed to an existing perl-SOAP-Lite interface that exists on a remote
> server.
> I would then like to take the values returned from that server and use
> them to auto-populate the other custom fields (textboxes) on the same
> ticket page (Customer_Name, Customer_Type, etc).
> I have been playing around with custom fields and have even gotten them to
> populate dynamically using data contained withing RT itself (users,
> groups, etc) but now I need to reach out and touch remote data and
> integrate it into RT tickets!
> I am a recent refugee from the Microsoft .net world and I am making the
> transition to opensource and specifically in this case: Rt and perl so
> please be easy on me!
> Any help is much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Daniel A. Kalfon
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