[Rt-devel] transactions and timeworked after 3.8.0 upgrade

Andrew Libby alibby at tangeis.com
Thu Aug 14 13:06:24 EDT 2008

This may not belong on the devel list.  If so my apologies.  The list
description said in-depth discussion in addition to development topics. 
Please redirect me to appropriate list.

After I upgraded to 3.8.0 a few weeks back I started having problems with
some scripts that I use to analyze RT data.

I use RT for tracking time on tickets for billing purposes.  Using some
custom fields to designate tickets billable, billed, not billable, 
etc.   To track
and attribute time to various individuals, I've been using the timetaken
field on transactions to tally and attribute time on tickets.  I use 
this approach
rather than using tickets.timeworked because multiple people tend to
collaborate on tickets here.  To attribute billable time to correct people,
I work with transactions.timetaken.

I was running 3.6.4 prior to my upgrade to 3.8.0.   Post upgrade it 
seems that
correspondence and resolution actions simply update tickets.timeworked, and
don't enter a transaction in the transactions table.  Obviously this is 
kind of
problematic for me in the way that I use RT. 

I'm going to start sifting through code to try to determine what 
happened, but
I thought I'd pitch a message out here to see if anyone has insights on 
up.  If there's a better way to do what I'm doing, I'm open.  But I 
really like the
idea of allowing multiple people to act on the same ticket yet still 
being able to
figure out who accumulated the time.

Thanks for any input.  3.8.0 is outstanding so far for us here, with the 
exception I'm listing above.



Tangeis, LLC
Andrew Libby
alibby at tangeis.com

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