[Rt-devel] transactions and timeworked after 3.8.0 upgrade

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 18 08:42:49 EDT 2008


I've opened a ticket for us to look at this for 3.8.2.

On Aug 14, 2008, at 1:06 PM, Andrew Libby wrote:

> This may not belong on the devel list.  If so my apologies.  The list
> description said in-depth discussion in addition to development  
> topics.
> Please redirect me to appropriate list.
Here is just fine.

> After I upgraded to 3.8.0 a few weeks back I started having problems  
> with
> some scripts that I use to analyze RT data.
> I use RT for tracking time on tickets for billing purposes.  Using  
> some
> custom fields to designate tickets billable, billed, not billable,
> etc.   To track
> and attribute time to various individuals, I've been using the  
> timetaken
> field on transactions to tally and attribute time on tickets.  I use
> this approach
> rather than using tickets.timeworked because multiple people tend to
> collaborate on tickets here.  To attribute billable time to correct  
> people,
> I work with transactions.timetaken.
> I was running 3.6.4 prior to my upgrade to 3.8.0.   Post upgrade it
> seems that
> correspondence and resolution actions simply update  
> tickets.timeworked, and
> don't enter a transaction in the transactions table.  Obviously this  
> is
> kind of
> problematic for me in the way that I use RT.

Don't _ever_ create entries in the transactions table? That  
seems...quite surprising.  Every update to a ticket should generate an  
entry in the Transactions table. Does anything show up in the logs?

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