[Rt-devel] transactions and timeworked after 3.8.0 upgrade

Andrew Libby alibby at tangeis.com
Mon Aug 18 10:10:49 EDT 2008

Hi Jesse,

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> Andrew,
> I've opened a ticket for us to look at this for 3.8.2.

Sweet!  Thanks.  If there's anything I can do to help out,
I'm more than happy to put in effort.  Below I've tried to
provide some of the information you're requested.

> On Aug 14, 2008, at 1:06 PM, Andrew Libby wrote:

>> After I upgraded to 3.8.0 a few weeks back I started having problems with
>> some scripts that I use to analyze RT data.
>> I use RT for tracking time on tickets for billing purposes.  Using some
>> custom fields to designate tickets billable, billed, not billable,
>> etc.   To track
>> and attribute time to various individuals, I've been using the timetaken
>> field on transactions to tally and attribute time on tickets.  I use
>> this approach
>> rather than using tickets.timeworked because multiple people tend to
>> collaborate on tickets here.  To attribute billable time to correct 
>> people,
>> I work with transactions.timetaken.
>> I was running 3.6.4 prior to my upgrade to 3.8.0.   Post upgrade it
>> seems that
>> correspondence and resolution actions simply update 
>> tickets.timeworked, and
>> don't enter a transaction in the transactions table.  Obviously this is
>> kind of
>> problematic for me in the way that I use RT.
> Don't _ever_ create entries in the transactions table? That 
> seems...quite surprising.  Every update to a ticket should generate an 
> entry in the Transactions table. Does anything show up in the logs?

I don't ever create transactions, though I've had to update 
them (change creator, etc by hand from time to time.  As a 
rule, I try not to).

I've collected a few things from the logs, DB.


I _think_ that this spells out that I lobbed a comment at 
the ticket, and that tickets.timeworked is udpated but
the desired transactions were not inserted.  I threw in the 
access and error logs from the time span when the activity 
was taking place, I hope I didn't miss anything.

As I look over this, It I keep thinking, "I updated the 
ticket timeworked field directly", but I've scrubbed the 
ability to do that from the user interface.

I'm knowledgeable of perl, but new to Mason.  So I'm still 
spending time getting up to speed on how requests move  from 
dispatching to processing.  But I'm in here, trying to
dig things up.  If there's anything more I can provide, do 
let me know.



Tangeis, LLC
Andrew Libby
alibby at tangeis.com

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