[Rt-devel] custom perl modules directory

Hoogstraten, Ton Ton.Hoogstraten at ingram.nl
Fri Aug 22 04:25:41 EDT 2008

I've sent the following to the rt-users list. But perhaps someone on the
devel list could answer this.


Thank you,


Ton Hoogstraten



Hi all,


I have a question regarding RT installation with a separate modules
directory exclusive for RT. I currently configured CPAN to install
modules in /opt/perl and make sure that the installing user has PERL5LIB
configured to use that directory when installing RT. In the apache
mod_perl virtualhost I've added the following 2 lines to the RT virtual


PerlOptions +Parent

PerlSwitches -I/opt/perl/lib


This makes sure that the virtual host uses the /opt/perl modules
directory. This currently works with RT 3.6.6. installed in /opt/rt3.
Since I'm a limited skilled perl hacker I'm not sure if this setup could
be used in a production enviroment for RT and if it would not have a
negative impact on the performance? Database being used is MySQL. I've
restored a backup from the production server to my test setup.


I have one other question regarding MYSQL. After restoring the data to
the test server the performance for opening old tickets is ok to me
(most of the time below 2 seconds response time). However if I open a
merged ticket the loading time increases. I have one ticket that takes
about 50 seconds to load with hardly any history in it. If I check the
load time on the production server with the same ticket it takes about 2
seconds. What could be wrong here?


Kind regards,


Ton Hoogstraten

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