[Rt-devel] Passing an authenticated user to RT

Mike Peachey mike.peachey at jennic.com
Mon Feb 11 05:18:30 EST 2008

Morning all,
	As of Friday, I've just put the finishing touches together on v0.1 of 
my custom external MySQL authentication module. Hopefully soon, I will 
be integrating it into the LDAP custom module so that you can have one 
module for all forms of external auth (starting with just these two).

In the meantime I have something MUCH more important to work on, I need 
users that are logged in on the website to be able to bypass RT 

All the user creation and information updating is dealt with in the 
custom MySQL module, so I don't want to pass any user information into 
RT, but I do need the website to be able to tell RT: The user <username> 
has had his credentials authenticated and you should not prompt for any, 
just load the user.

So far, I haven't discovered how I should do this. Apache authentication 
and directly applying WebExternalAuth is not a valid option because 
Apache would still be prompting for credentials as the website does not 
use apache authentication, it's custom PHP authentication.

Also, there is code that is included whenever a page is loaded with a 
logged-in user, if that would help.

Also, the website uses session-cookies to store authentication? Could RT 
read these somehow, or could we combine the RT cookies with the website 

Kind Regards,


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