[Rt-devel] Looking up a ticket by attachment's messageid

Gordon Messmer yinyang at eburg.com
Tue Feb 26 20:29:59 EST 2008

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> my $a = RT::Attachment->new($RT::SystemUser);
> $a->LoadByCols(MessageId => '123 at foo.com');
> print $a->TransactionObj->TicketObj->id; 
> or something along those lines.

Yeah, that's perfect.

I wanted to be able to track issues with RT3, but not use RT3 as a 
gateway between support staff and customers.  Instead, I just want it to 
  get a copy of messages and sort them into tickets as appropriate, 
which means that the subject won't ever have ticket numbers in them. 
The attached patch seems to do what I want.
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