[Rt-devel] REST Interface

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Thu Jan 17 13:05:19 EST 2008

Jesse Vincent wrote:


>> (Right now, the server doesn't support listing anything but tickets.
>> Other types will be supported in future; this client will be able to
>> take advantage of that support without any changes.)
>> Are there any plans to add this support ? 
> It's not high on the list. We're hard at work on RT 3.8 which doesn't
> touch REST much and RT4, which leaves the existing RESTy interface in
> place but also exposes EVERY object via a proper REST interface (with
> json, xml, perl, yaml data transports and proper URLS)

That sounds promising :-). Do you just give a preview on your RT 4 plans or
is there actual code for it ?

>> If not would you accept patches ?
> YES! :)
>> Besides that, the interface violates main principles of RESTfulness, like 
>> uniquely addressable and well defined operations. Just to let you know that
>> I'll cover these weaknesses :-).
> In my defense, when the REST interface got designed, everyone else on
> the planet was just starting to use SOAP and Roy Fielding had barely
> published his definitions of what REST was. It wasn't well understood by
> anybody.  What I'd taken away from the discussion about what REST could
> be at the time was "access via simple GET and POST at simple, defined
> end points."  Were I doing it over today (as I am ;), I'd do it
> differently. 

Well, I found that you actually can do /REST/1.0/user/racke/show. I didn't notice
that because /usr/bin/rt fails to request RESTfully :-).


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