[Rt-devel] [Rt-announce] RT 3.6.7

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Jun 16 17:50:21 EDT 2008

I'm pleased to announce the latest release of RT 3.6. This update
contains important bugfixes, as well as minor functionality  

You can download this version of RT at the following URL:


SHA-1 sums:

990fd47899bed1ec8e7d23556853fb3a70d95479  rt-3.6.7.tar.gz
0db210138086dfbffecf2d5f807168eb90f95b28  rt-3.6.7.tar.gz.sig



A changelog follows:


* CGI older than 3.10 should be considered bad for MP2

* DBIx::SearchBuilder 0.53 is required

* Add dependency on Devel::StackTrace 1.19


* add a SelfServiceRegex config option so you can
   let Unprivileged users access things under
   RT's control but outside of /SelfService/

* __CurrentUser__ works in the query builder, so
   you can give people links to searches by their id

* add new searches to TicketSQL: QueueCc, QueueAdminCc
   and QueueWatcher [ruz]

* add id to the list of users' properties you can search by

* add __Queue__ to formats, sometimes we need queue id

Important fixes:

* We want the strict definition of utf8, otherwise later
   regexes and the like can die [alex]

* Fixed embarassing bugs in Oracle indexes from peter at itcg.nl

* Fixed "XXX is not implemented in YYY" problem people saw
   randomly [ruz]

* don't write an empty comment if only change is update of
   TimeWorked field [elacour]

* allow to sort by CF from search results page by clicking
   on column header [ruz]

* fix sorting by custom field values [ruz]

* allow to set 0 as CF value via CLI [David Schweikert]

* CustomFieldValues method must return ObjectCustomFieldValues
   all the time [ruz]

* we loaded a custom field, but didn't update field
   argument we pass into SUPER method [ruz]

* Fix searches by Queue, Owner, Creator and LastUpdatedBy [ruz]

* Document $AutoCreate option and obey Unprivileged [falcone]

* Fixes for combobox layout [elacour]

* Fixes for MailCommand equal to 'smtp' [elacour]

* Skip CF categories on Bulk update so we don't
   insert them as a CF value [elacour]

* we didn't limit by LookupType during searches by CFs
   what could result in wrong matches [ruz]

* fix parsing of "fultext:xxx at yyy" simple searches [falcone]

* handle searching for Groups in the People portion of
   the Jumbo page [falcone]


* provide a ModifyCommand callback from ShowTransaction. [clkao]
* add BeforeMessageBox callback on Create similar to the one
   on Update.html [falcone]


* use scalar instead of array, that was really confusing.
   [Nicholas Clark]

* fix nesting of html tags on html/Admin/Groups/Members.html

* In Global template creation, header say "Modify" instead of
   "Create" [elacour]

* Clean up ACL updates [Steve Turner]

* Sort order of users in the global rights editor was incorrect.

* we shouldn't add Original-Encoding header field, but replace [ruz]

* unify AddWatcher methods in Queue and Ticket classes [Todd Chapman]

* don't use rare RE syntax many people don't understand [ruz]

* simple search doesn't search bodies/attachments unless
   you use "fulltext:", fix on page text [falcone]

* fix MySQL ACLs when the database user contains "-"
   [Jesse Wertheim]

* Add a more acurate description for AmbiguousDayInPast
   config value [Russell Mosemann]

* Replace head->set by head->replace as "set" is deprecated

* document that LoadByName can get you a disabled Custom Field

* exit with not zero code from rt-test-dependencies [J. Fillmore]


* add additional tests to searches by watcher [ruz]


* I18N cleanup from [elacour]

* correct generation of multiline translation strings [elacour]

* French translation update [elacour]

* Updated pt_br translation [Fernando Frota Machado de Morais]

* Czech translation update [Daniel Kastner]

* European spanish (pt_pt) translation
   [Ricardo Oliveira] and [Jose Martins]

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