[Rt-devel] RT 3.8.0 release candidate 2!

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Tue Jun 24 04:41:10 EDT 2008

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> The second release candidate for RT 3.8.0 is now available. You can 
> download it at:
I installed it and have two things:
- I setup a dashboard and let it email me. The layout isn't what I 
expected. I expected a list of tickest or whatever the search outputs 
but it looks like a complete page including menus.
- I found that the layout of the ticket metadata shifts when the Links 
block contains links to other tickets/articles/assets. The right column 
gets wider. Normally its split almost through the middle. If I'm not 
clear I can make screenshots.


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