[Rt-devel] How to make changes to the RT website

Drew Barnes barnesaw at ucrwcu.rwc.uc.edu
Fri May 2 14:16:47 EDT 2008

All changes should be done in the local tree or they will be gone on 


Mike Peachey wrote:
> Andy Werner wrote:
>> I’m trying to make some changes to the RT website.  Specifically, I’m 
>> trying to add a JavaScript to the “update ticket” screen.  I don’t know 
>> what file to change on the server and how to apply the changes so they 
>> are reflected on the website.  Any help on this would be helpful.
> Change:
> $RTHOME/share/html/Ticket/Update.html
> To apply:
> apachectl stop
> rm -rvf $RTHOME/var/mason_data/obj/*
> apachectl start

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