[Rt-devel] custom scrip with email

Andy Werner Andy.Werner at amxinc.com
Fri May 2 18:51:51 EDT 2008

I am creating a scrip that sends an email to a user when they create a correspondence or comment and they don't enter a value in the "Time Worked" field.  The custom condition is:

if (($self->TransactionObj->TimeWorked == 0) && (($self->TransactionObj->Type eq "Correspond") || ($self->Transaction->Type eq "Comment"))){
   return 1;}
   return undef;}

but this doesn't seem to work.  My question is if there are any syntax errors in the above condition and also how can I build a custom action to send an email to the creator of the transaction.

Andy Werner
Help Desk Intern
AMX International, INC.
(208) 542-8230
andy.werner at amxinc.com

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