[Rt-devel] RT 3.8 beta 2 now available

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed May 7 17:05:23 EDT 2008

We've integrated about 350 changes to RT in the last two months as  
part of the big push toward RT 3.8.0. Many of those changes were made  
to integrate features Best Practical has built or prototyped for  
clients over the past several years. Below, please find the high-level  
changelog for the differences between RT 3.7.81 and RT 3.7.85 (Beta 1  
and Beta 2).

At this point, the known remaining work is mostly related to polishing  
the new web-based installation mechanism and cleaning up small issues  
as they're reported.

RT 3.7.85 is NOT RECOMMENDED for production use, however we strongly  
urge you to deploy it in your testing environment and provide feedback  
to help ensure that RT 3.8.0 is released soon and does what you need  
when we release it.



Major new features:
     * Designed a new default RT 3.8 visual style
     * Added support for Rich text / HTML mail composition within RT
     * Added support for  batched email 'digests' (Weekly or daily)
       as well as the ability for a user disable mail him or herself
     * Added the ability for users to build multiple custom 'dashboards'
       out of saved searches, saved graphs and saved charts and to mail
       those dashboards as reports on a regular basis.
     * Added a new, friendlier web-based installation system.
     * Added a Graphviz based visualization of ticket relationships
     * Added simple buttons to create new related tickets
     * Added simple 'bookmarks'/'favorites' support for tickets
     * Added the Ability to subscribe to iCalendar feeds of ticket  
       dates in Google Calendar / iCal.app
     * Integrated "BrandedQueues" RT extension. Let you specify a  
       subject token per queue
     * Integrated RT::Action::ExtractSubjectTag to better support  
       between multiple ticketing systems
     * Integrated RT::Action::LinearEscalate
     * Integrated RT::Action::NotifyGroup

Minor new features:
     * EmailInput refactoring, for possible later autocompleter
     * Clean up prototype/scriptaculous files
     * more cleanups on mysql schema vs. charsets, update upgrade  
script as well
     * Allow "mailto:" links as nav menu items
     * Adding a PreForking variant of our Standalone webserver.  
(currently disabled)
     * Applied a patch from Brian Nelson to add better display of  
"large text"
       custom fields.
     * The "CreateTicket" widget now supports ticket bodies
     * Added Dean Edwards "IE7.js" to make it easier to write cross- 
browser styles
     * Finally killed code duplicated between RT::EmailParser and  

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