[Rt-devel] RT3.8beta - creating child tickets

Jason Long jlong at messiah.edu
Thu May 8 08:34:39 EDT 2008

Thanks, my one major complaint about this feature has been fixed.

Another bug. The newly created ticket copies the links from the original 
ticket. This may be the way it was designed, but it leads to undesirable 

Create a ticket.
Click Children->Create to create a child ticket.
So far so good.

Go back to the first ticket, and click Children->Create to make a second 
child ticket.
Go back to the original ticket, and see what happened.

It created some sort of infinite loop between the two child tickets... 
kind of hard to explain, I'm hoping you'll be able to see it for yourself.

Frankly, when I create a ticket through the Links screen, I don't think 
it should copy all attributes from the origin ticket. Perhaps the 
subject, and maybe the watchers, should be copied, but definitely don't 
copy the links.


Jesse Vincent wrote:
> It is indeed messed up. I've got a patch I just put together to 
> hopefully smooth it out.
> Best,
> Jesse
> On May 5, 2008, at 2:17 PM, Jason Long wrote:
>> In the Links section of the new interface for RT3.8beta, there are
>> "Create" links next to each link type. This seems to imply that if I
>> click the "Create" link next to the Children label, and then fill out
>> the ticket information, I would get a new child ticket.
>> However, it actually creates a parent ticket. This seems backwards.
>> The other links are also backward in my mind. Instead of making the new
>> ticket appear where I clicked "create", it makes the new ticket appear
>> at the opposite link.
>> Is this intentional? Am I the only one finding this counter-intuitive?
>> Jason

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