[Rt-devel] POLL Re: RT3.8beta - creating child tickets

Jason Long jlong at messiah.edu
Mon May 12 13:12:45 EDT 2008

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> Given that I don't think you're using RT for cake processing (though I'd
> love to hear about it if you are), what do you have for real-world usage
> examples? I'm specifically looking for non-contrived situations to help
> inform the design ;)

Heh :). Well, Justin gave a pretty good example... My "real-world" 
example is similar to his.

On Feb 13, I took ticket #12414, which requested a server for hosting 
APEX-based applications. I setup a new virtual machine, installed an OS, 
assigned it an IP address, etc. Then I created a few "child" tickets. 
The first child ticket, #12905, was put in our "networking" queue, and 
it asked that the firewall be configured to allow HTTP access from 
anywhere to this server. The second child ticket, #12906, asked for an 
SSL certificate to be purchased and installed on this new server. The 
third child ticket, created some time later, #13048, asked for our 
backup server administrator to add this server to a regularly-scheduled 
backup job.

The three child tickets each had unique subjects, were assigned to 
differing persons, and were started/completed at different times. They 
all had myself as the requester. None of the tickets used any custom 
fields, nor did we assign a value to the priority field, so not sure 
what makes sense there.


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