[Rt-devel] POLL Re: RT3.8beta - creating child tickets

Andrew Redman aredman at education.ucsb.edu
Mon May 12 12:39:16 EDT 2008

We have the same two issues per ticket problem, but we do also create 
child tickets for new calls / purchases that need to happen. If we have 
a ticket to install a new computer and the network port isn't live, we 
like to make a child ticket to connect it in the network closet, since 
installing a computer and plugging in some patch cable aren't related 
enough to live on the same ticket. Similarly if a user needs some 
software installed which has yet to be purchased, we create a child 
ticket in a purchasing queue so that the purchasing person will get a 
license before we go back and install.

On my to do list right now are a 'Spawn Call' and 'Spawn Purchase' 
button for 3.6, but I rarely get time to work on things like that.

 - Andrew Redman
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB

Jesse Vincent wrote:
>> When I "create a related ticket", I would like it to copy the subject 
>> and maybe the watchers and priority from the original ticket, but pretty 
>> much nothing else.
> The most common use case we've run into is "user included two issues in
> one ticket." 
>> Here's my fun example. I'm working on ticket #2- "bake a cake". I 
>> determine that I don't have enough flour on hand. I create a "child" 
>> ticket #3- "get more flour". The child ticket #3 could be in a separate 
>> queue, assigned to someone else. I, the owner of #2, am the requester of 
>> #3. Someone else can take #3, perform the task, and I'll be notified 
>> when it is completed.
> Given that I don't think you're using RT for cake processing (though I'd
> love to hear about it if you are), what do you have for real-world usage
> examples? I'm specifically looking for non-contrived situations to help
> inform the design ;)
> -j
>> Jason

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