[Rt-devel] Need help with RT post upgrade

Janet L. Houser jhouser at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 14 08:11:21 EDT 2008

Hi Panu,

>> mysql db is version 5 (both prior and post upgrade) and didn't have to 
>> be upgraded using:
>>     perl etc/upgrade/schema.mysql-4.0-4.1.pl db user pass > sql.queries
>> Do you happen to know how to fix this problem the "proper" way?
> Answer below:
>>> This should be done even if you already have mysql 5 or 4.1 
>>> installed. Better name for the file should be 
>>> "mysql_schema_upgrade_for_3.8.1" IMO.

Yeah, I tried this and it gave me errors and wouldn't run.  That is why
I thought I didn't need it with mysql vs. 5.

> If you upgrade from version below 3.8 and use Mysql you have to use the 
> method describe above.
> The schema script has some bugs so make sure you check the things it 
> suggests changing (and better yet try to understand what they mean, 
> luckily I got help pointing the errors for me probably saving some time 
> and frustration)

Thanks for your help.


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