[Rt-devel] Any interest in the ability in RT to enforce CF value uniqueness?

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Oct 20 09:24:11 EDT 2008

On Mon 20.Oct'08 at 15:16:11 +0200, Philip Kime wrote:
>> Right. And that's _not_ an acceptable change in the middle of a stable
>> series. If it's optional, that potentially becomes more reasonable.
> But it is optional to make a field mandatory. If you never check that  
> box on a field (and it's not checked by default), there is no difference 
> to how RT currently handles CFs.

My recollection was that the previous version of the code changed
the existing validation/mandatory functionality in a
non-backwards-compatible way.

Am I misremembering?

> PK
> --
> Dr Philip Kime

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