[Rt-devel] Belated 3.8.1 upgrade feedback

Richard Hartmann richih.mailinglist at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 13:16:02 EDT 2008

It works, I love you all :)

One question, though: RTFM is able to automagically find my RT install
dir while I need to tell RT's configure the correct prefix. As the
install system is, from the outsider's view, quite different, I am not
sure how complicated it would be to have RT do the same as RTFM, but
that is, literally, the only gripe I had. Other than that, it is
perfect; thanks to all involved!


PS: The docs should perhaps instruct users to shut Apache down, rm -rf
the Mason cache and then restart. I had a co-worker who clicked refresh
the second I cleared the cache and he was quite worried that our RT was
broken due to file system errors for Mason (and yes, my install process
was secure, although the system I actually upgraded was live)

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