[Rt-devel] 3.8.1 - problem with saved searches

David Good dgood at willingminds.com
Tue Sep 16 20:23:11 EDT 2008

I finally figured out my problem.  The site was setup to use https: but 
the default for $WebBaseURL in /opt/rt3/etc/RT_Config.pm is http:

Set($WebBaseURL, 'http://' . RT->Config->Get('WebDomain') . ':' . 

To fix it, I just changed it to use https: in /opt/rt3/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm:

Set($WebBaseURL, 'https://' . RT->Config->Get('WebDomain') . ':' . 

I guess something in the rewrite from http: to https: was causing the 
query string to be URI encoded twice.  Not a very obvious failure mode...

David Good wrote:
> I tried the users list but had no bites.  I'm far enough into debugging 
> the issue that I think it may be more appropriate here anyway so here 
> goes...
> I've got 3.8.l installed on CentOS 5.2 that was upgraded from a 3.8.0 
> install.  All of the saved search links on the 'RT at a glance' page are 
> having problems.  The results show up properly in their regions on that 
> page but when I click on the link for the region to go to the 
> Search/Results page there are no results and when I go to 'Edit Search' 
> it looks like the query is URI encoded:
> *Results*
>  Wrong query, expecting a OPERATOR in 
> '%20Owner%>20<--here%3D%20%27__CurrentUser__%27%20AND%20(%20Status%20%3D%20%27new%27%20OR%20Status%20%3D%20%27open%27)'
> Doing some debugging in the Search/Results.html file, I also see that 
> it's getting the query string URI encoded and passing it on to 
> /Elements/CollectionList.  When debugging /Elements/CollectionList I see 
> that the query strings submitted from the 'at a glance' page are not URI 
> encoded (so they work properly) but the query strings from 
> Search/Results.html are.  The string looks OK in the URL from the link.  
> I'm not sure where to look from here to figure out how the query string 
> gets from the args in the URL to what shows up as $Query in 
> Search/Results.html.  Any hints?
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