[Rt-devel] Selfservice Prefs

Dániel Omaisz-Takács otdmunka at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 10:22:09 EDT 2009

Hi, I recently made the following modification in RT (3.82):
On the selfservice interface for unprivileged users you can enable the
modify self right.
When you do this you only give the ability to modify the users password.
For us this was not enough.
Copied the Prefs.html from /html/User/  to /html/SelfService
updated the file like this:

%# Modded from orig
%#<& /Elements/Header, Title=>loc("Preferences") &>
%#<& /User/Elements/Tabs,
%#    current_tab => 'SelfService/Prefs.html',
%#    Title=>loc("Preferences") &>
%#<& /Elements/ListActions, actions => \@results &>
%# to:
<& /SelfService/Elements/Header, Title => loc('Preferences') &>

<& /Elements/ListActions, actions => \@results &>

%# Modded from orig
%#<form action="<%RT->Config->Get('WebPath')%>/User/Prefs.html"
%# to:
<form action="<%RT->Config->Get('WebPath')%>/SelfService/Prefs.html"
<input type="hidden" class="hidden" name="id" value="<%$UserObj->Id%>" />

<table width="100%" border="0">
----rest unchanged----

No issues yet, works like a charm.
But i do have my concerns, i'm new to this system and i would like your
opinion about this.

Thanks =)
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