[Rt-devel] display.html and customer data

shaker Khzym shakerramses at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 13 13:46:08 EDT 2009

Dear Sir,
       Sorry for my English spilling.
      I am new to open source code world.
     1-   In  Ticket/display.html
                 $m->callback (TicketObj =>$TicketObj, ARGSRef => \ARGS, CallbackName =>'Initial');
                  my question , CallbackName -> 'Initial' , you call Initail function , or  what is it mean. I couldn't find Initail function. 

     2-    my new task is adding  customer text box in display ticket pag ,and join it with ledgersmb customer data, anyone has any information around this point.

      Please, advise me for my 2 questions.
Thanks a lot for your patience.
Best wishes,

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