[Rt-devel] Fwd: Changing digits

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 24 13:32:17 EDT 2009

> 1. Persian (like Arabic and Hebrew) is a right-to-left script and
> displaying RTL scripts in a LTR manner isn't acceptable. I made a new
> theme, named 'web2-rtl' that's a RTL version of the default theme.

How different does it need to be? could we embed code in the theme that
looks at the locale and outputs RTL markers conditionally?

> 2. I added a new date format, named Persian, and added a new file,
> Date_Local.pm, with the Persian function that would show Persian
> dates.

I'd take that as a patch to the existing date stuff.

>  I also changed CalPopup.html so that it'll draw Persian
> calendar if the date format is set to 'Persian'. By clicking on any
> date it'll insert it's equivalent Gregorian in the related text box.

Cool. Is it possible, using the persian date stuff, to have persian
dates in the text boxes "just work"?

> Also I'm planning on adding a direction (LTR, RTL) button to the
> WYSIWYG editor, but I've not done that yet.

I _believe_ that support is already there. But if not, I'd be much
happier pulling from upstream than forking ;)

Thanks! I'm looking forward to this


> BR,
> Mostafa
> > Best,
> >
> > Jesse
> >>
> >> Mostafa
> >

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