[Rt-devel] Double line spacing in ticket display.

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Dec 9 11:52:39 EST 2009


Can you tell me what version of RT you're working with? This sounds 
a lot like an issue I patched last week. My latest fixes will be in
3.8.8, (Though there are other related issues I've patched over the 
past couple weeks that should end up in 3.8.7.)

9af5e79efcad3e8bffc9c2fe97d3fabc53f42cac and
6241b7df1b3d755c097b497b696134b8d4c2b6e3 are the two git commits it'd be
great to have you try out. Do thsoe fix your issue?

On Wed, Dec 09, 2009 at 11:42:39AM -0500, Jason A. Smith wrote:
> I noticed what seems to be an ugly interaction between the WYSIWYG
> (FCKeditor) editor and the new $PlainTextMono config/preference setting
> that uses CSS to make the text formatted nicely with a mono-spaced font
> and line wrapping to avoid horizontal scroll bars.  Ticket message
> transactions added with the WYSIWYG editor contain hard <br> tags at the
> end of newlines manually inserted in the message and included replies
> which turn into double spaced lines when displayed with the new
> $PlainTextMono display option.
> If replies are made with the normal non-WYSIWYG editor, they do not
> contain the hard line breaks (<br>) because they are 'text/plain'
> messages and are therefore not double spaced.
> If I disable the $PlainTextMono option or use the other $PlainTextPre
> option instead, then there are no double spaced newlines.
> I think I traced this to: Ticket/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments
> which adds 'plain-text-white-space' to the <div> tags when displaying
> messagebody class ticket correspondences.  This style contains the:
> white-space: pre-wrap
> definition which is how this new $PlainTextMono option works, but when
> combined with the way WYSIWYG created 'text/html' messages are
> displayed, it produces double spaced lines since they contain both <br>
> tags and real newlines in the html source.
> I think the way to fix this is to remove either the newlines or <br>
> tags in the $render_attachment sub, when displaying messages with the
> $PlainTextMono option enabled.  Does this sound reasonable?
> ~Jason
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