[Rt-devel] Ingres port of RT

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Wed Dec 16 12:29:21 EST 2009

Hi Keith,

> I have completed a port of RT to run on the Ingres database - all
> appears to be going well and I would like to submit an integration plan
> to the list for approval and submission into the main code line to make
> Ingres a supported database.

That's great to hear. The right first step here is probably to send a
patch to rt-devel for comments and suggestions.

> Wit the changes made to various files including the creation of a new
> SerachBuilder/Handle/Ingres.pm driver I would now like to make this
> available to the Perl and RT community.  There are also changes to be
> made to the DBD::Ingres driver for Perl with the addition of the
> last_insert_id() function.

Fantastic.  For DBD::Ingres, you'll probably want to do "whatever the
maintainer recommends" in the docs, which may be opening an rt.cpan.org
ticket or contacting them directly.

> As I am new to both RT and Perl and Open Source committing I would like
> to engage with a mentor to get all of these changes completed.

Welcome! That mentor is probably me. (Convenient as I'm also the guy who
gets to make the ultimate go/no-go decision ;)

As the person making the decision about whether or not to take the

1) Have you run RT's regression test suite with Ingres? Did all tests pass?

2) I'd love to see the current state of the patches. (Just send them to
the list.) I don't suppose you have a version control system you can
expose to the public so we can see your development process and examine
each change in isolation? While that's often considered "ideal" for
large changes, it's certainly not a showstopper.


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