[Rt-devel] Ingres port of RT

Keith Bolam Keith.Bolam at ingres.com
Wed Dec 16 12:19:49 EST 2009

I have completed a port of RT to run on the Ingres database - all
appears to be going well and I would like to submit an integration plan
to the list for approval and submission into the main code line to make
Ingres a supported database.
I have done the port as we have a customer (via an ISV) that required
the RT to be supported on Ingres before they would go ahead with using
Ingres as a database for a new project - like a qualifier stage.
Wit the changes made to various files including the creation of a new
SerachBuilder/Handle/Ingres.pm driver I would now like to make this
available to the Perl and RT community.  There are also changes to be
made to the DBD::Ingres driver for Perl with the addition of the
last_insert_id() function.
As I am new to both RT and Perl and Open Source committing I would like
to engage with a mentor to get all of these changes completed.
I myself have been involved with software development for over twenty
years, primarily in 'C' with a heavy involvement in relational database
application an in the support (ten years and counting) of the Ingres
I look forward to comments and advice.
Keith Bolam




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