[Rt-devel] URL Encoding on CustomFields

Loos, Christian CLoos at netcologne.de
Mon Feb 9 10:35:58 EST 2009

Dear RT Hacker,
I just started using the 'Link values to' feature of CustomFields.
I noticed a problem with the encoding.
CF Value: LX1/WP Service/1-1-ol(2.2)-DWDM/AC/2-3-2(10.1+2)
HTML Source: <a href="...LX1/WP%20Service/1-1-ol%282.2%29-DWDM/AC/2-3-2%2810.1+2%29 <http://ncndfm1.netcologne.intern/release/cms/modules/lldb/showReport.php?type=r&amp;name=LX1/WP%20Service/1-1-ol%282.2%29-DWDM/AC/2-3-2%2810.1+2%29> " target="_new">LX1/WP Service/1-1-ol(2.2)-DWDM/AC/2-3-2(10.1+2)</a>
The / and + are not encoded and the + making the real problem for me.
If I use URI::Escape the string looks like:
I also notice that if you call the CustomFieldValue->LinkToValue, the Content of the CF ist not encoded.
If you will send the LinkToValue within an Template, the Links are broken.
It would be better if you encode the CF->Content with URI::Escape when you create the LinkToValue.

Christian Loos 
Technik - Service Delivery - Network Documentation & Fibre Management 

NETCOLOGNE Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH 
Am Coloneum 9, 50829 Köln 
Tel.: +49 221 2222 276, Fax: +49 221 2222 7276 

Geschäftsführer: Werner Hanf, Dipl. Ing. Karl-Heinz Zankel 
HRB 25580, AG Köln 

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