[Rt-devel] Patch to add attributes to queues and cf's in initialdata

Chad Granum chad at opensourcery.com
Mon Jan 5 18:26:16 EST 2009

This patch modifies Handler.pm,  it allows you to specify attributes on
a queue or cf when defining it in initialdata.


@CustomFields = (
       Name => 'MyField',
       Attributes => [
             Name => MyAttribute,
             Content => CONTENT

Syntax is identical in @Queues.

Under the hood it simply waits until the field/queue are generated, then
pushes your attributes into the @Attributes array w/ Object => 'newly
created object' added. Since @Attributes is processed later this works
as desired, and attributes are all processed in just the one place.

-Chad Granum

OpenSourcery (www.opensourcery.com)
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