[Rt-devel] [Rt-announce] RT 3.8.2 Released

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed Jan 7 09:34:44 EST 2009

We are happy to announce that RT 3.8.2 is now available. You can
download it from:


SHA1 sums

e5e17464849ec040b7b1d6d14f456a2e64871848  rt-3.8.2.tar.gz
b6c1d165af056d21b2ddfb7ac018a1812f928e87  rt-3.8.2.tar.gz.sig

A longer changelog is available at the bottom of this announcement.
Some highlighted changes include:

* Approvals System Overhaul
* Dashboards Overhaul, including the ability to include more
   types of portlets and a new subscription type
* Upgrades to the mysql schema upgrade script, now named
   upgrade-mysql-schema.pl  If you're planning an upgrade from
   a version of RT prior to 3.8, please read UPGRADING.mysql
* Many localization cleanups
* Fixes to HTML mail generation and the handling of mixed/alternative
   messages.  The WYSIWYG editor was also upgraded.  See
   docs/templates.pod for more about generating HTML mail.
* complete reimplementation of sbin/rt-validator for checking  
integrity of the DB

If you are using RT::Authen::ExternalAuth with RT 3.8.1 please be
sure to upgrade to RT-Authen-ExternalAuth-0.07_02 (available on
CPAN) with 3.8.2



New features:

* complete reimplementation of sbin/rt-validator for checking integrity
  of the DB [ruz]

* add UseSQLForACLChecks option - no more wrong numbers in search  
  no more missing entries on pages, no more empty pages, but only if  
  DB can handle such queries [ruz]

* add sbin/rt-attributes-viewer that helps sometimes investigate  
problems [ruz]

* break out the Logout link into an Element so you can override it  

* Allow %ARGS to set custom field values in SelfService [alexmv]

* A new callback for successful login via WebExternalAuth [sartak]

* A new callback in Ticket/Create.html [alexmv]

* show how often user recieves messages on a ticket [ruz]

* REST improvements - Queue ticket CFs, Queue CFs, Group management,
  Attachments [Philip Kime]

* Allow optional # before ticket ID in simple search [alexmv]

* Add callbacks for the themes' main stylesheets

* Allow group charts by users' Organization and other fields [ruz]

* Allow change of Requestor in QuickCreate [elacour]

* revert cleanup from require/our @ISA to use base because it breaks
  RT running under fastcgi/mod_perl

* Cleanup Dashboard internals and unify with Saved Searches [sartak]

* Allow homepage components to be used on Dashboards [sartak]

* Add support for "every X weeks" Dashboard subscriptions [sunnvy]

* Cleanup and refactor the localization infrastructure [clkao, elacour]

* Add new global Config option MessageBoxIncludeSignature to control
  whether signatures are included in Replies and Comments [falcone]

* Handle dates and Custom Fields when redirecting to Ticket/ 
Display.html [sartak]

* Name the Submit button on Ticket modification pages and clean up  

* Support for parallel testing (make test-parallel) and fixes for Pg  
when running
  in parallel [ruz falcone]

* Support for running automated tests on Oracle [ruz]

* add an Initial callback to the homepage [ruz]

* New callback on search results to add new tools [elacour]

* Instructions for starting to port to windows [sunnavy]

* Add custom Transaction display for Told [sunnavy]

* Add ShowApprovalsTab right to control who sees the
  Approvals links [elacour]

* Approvals System Overhaul [clkao]

* Allow setting colspan in formats [sartak Olly Stephens]

* Documentation of Template variables [sartak]

* New Callback in ParseFormat [sartak Eynat Nir Mishor]

* for rt-mailgate, if --action correspond --extension action
  is specifict, fall back to correspond for emails without an
  extension [sartak Jerrad Pierce]

* Command line enhancements [alexmv Wolfgang Friebel]

* Support HTML for MakeClicky [sunnavy]

* clean up handling of static files in NoAuth/images and NoAuth/css  

* let more HTML tags created by the RichText editor show in the Ticket  
Display [falcone]

Fixes and cleanups

* fix searching by CFs on Oracle [ruz]

* Documentation fixes and improvements here and there [all]

* Set default LogToSysLog to 'info' instead of 'debug' [sunnavy]

* Fix file names corruption when attaching files with international  
  via UI [ruz]

* Fix attaching attachments to outgoing mails in RT on Oracle DB [joop]

* Various improvements in web installer [sunnavy]

* CSS fixes [sunnavy, elacour]

* Pg has support for USAGE privilege on sequences only starting
  from Pg 8.2.0, improve etc/acl.Pg* [ruz]

* Don't do the safe ipc hack for SpeedyCGI [Niko Tyni]

* rewrite displaying message stanza without recursion to avoid
  problems with deep recursion errors and improve performance [ruz]

* fix double BRs in ticket history [ruz]

* fix minor tags dis-balance [Olly Stephens]

* partially make Shredder's pages translatable [ruz]

* fix issue when schema upgrade script could generate ALTER TABLE ...

* Don't attach html parts of mixed/alternative messages [alexmv]

* Fix printing by updating print.css [Ian Goodacre, elacour]

* Updated sbin/factory [Hans Dieter, sartak]

* Fixes for localization of RT [elacour, sartak, clkao, falcone]

* Fix missed "/" that makes header links on RT at a glance unclickable  
  WebPath is non-empty [elacour]

* fix for CustomField's LoadByName to be backward compatible [sunnavy]

* fix a nasty copy&paste typo that's been there for a while
  forcing admins to grant CreateTicket right to everyone even if
  they want to do that for unprivileged users only [ruz]

* don't bother checking for data/gpg if the
  user explicitly turned gpg off [falcone]

* Handle the case where you enable GPG but haven't
  created the data directory.  We should probably just
  create the directory for you. [falcone]

* fix AJAX bookmarking in IE [sunnavy]

* fix REST/CLI when there is a type field [Philip Kime]

* return error earlier if parsing of a template failed [falcone]

* Fix for CF matching in the REST interface [Tony Lambiris]

* allow tags used by the WYSIWYG editor to pass through so that
  when you use bold font in a message, you see it in the RT view.

* fix problems with loading of FCKeditor in IE [falcone]

* Plugin loading fixes for modules such as User [falcone]

* Pass more information to Ticket/Update.html's Initial callback [ruz]

* Better signal handling for gpg [ruz]

* Fix test's database username to avoid going over length limits on
  mysql [ruz]

* Fix search results RSS feed to show correct Time and Creator [clkao]

* Refactor maildigest tests [sunnavy]

* Use information_schema in upgrade-mysql-schema.pl on newer mysqls  

* Sort right names using localized values [ruz]

* Trim leading or trailing whitespace in for simple search [elacour]

* Add documentation of rt-setup-database --action upgrade [elacour  
Trent W Buck]

* Clean up display of Custom Field Values during editing [elacour]

* Update documentation about upgrade-mysql-schema.pl and give it a
  better name [sartak falcone]

* Updated de translation from Torsten Brumm

* Don't create empty Deferred Attributes [ruz]

* Fix grouping by watchers on graphs [ruz]

* Show EmailAddress not id of requestor when using Quick Create [ruz]

* Validate mandatory custom fields on SelfService [elacour ruz]

* Upgrade FCKeditor to version 2.6.3 [falcone]

* Add configuration variables for size of FCKeditor [falcone]
  MessageBoxRightTextHeight MessageBoxRightTextWidth

* Reorder and document adding a new config option to META
  in Config.pm [falcone]

* Make config options explicitly sorted [falcone]

* Switch to using WebPath from WebURL for portlet links [clkao]

* Cleanup GPG tempfiles [alexmv]

* Use StashWarnings in tests to clean up lots of warnings [sartak]

* Remove unused gradient-glossy.png [sunnavy]

* Use ActiveStatus rather than hardcoded values in more of the
  homepage portlets [elacour ruz]

* Make the default RT font Arial [falcone jesse]

* Fix gpg passphrase handling to support gpg 1.2 [ruz]

* Properly downgrade HTML templates to multipart alternative
  text/plain and text/html [falcone]

* Warn when a callback exists in two extensions and only one
  of them will be run [falcone]

* Avoid "Not LIKE ''" on Oracle BLOBs [ruz]

* Prefer the SERVER_HOST environment variable for generating uris over
  HTTP_HOST [sartak Niko Tyni]

* quiet test output [alexmv]


* newer Text::Template which claims to have fixed the T:: cleanup,  
  scrips in batch stage may be delayed [sartak]

* Add dependency on Test::HTTP::Server::Simple::StashWarnings [sartak]
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